Student Accommodation

Studying abroad is a very big step and can seem daunting to new students. Living in a new city can be a challenge, but new studying abroad can provide new opportunities that will open doors towards an exciting career. Even though there are several types of student accommodation throughout the city, finding the right student accommodation in London can be burdensome.

The last thing any student wants is to settle down in a place that will make them want to go home. So we’ve put together this quick guide that covers what to look out for when finding the best student accommodation for you.

London is the biggest city in Britain and one of the largest and most diverse in Europe. The famous London Underground, also called the tube, is the easiest way to get around the city, and there is also an extensive bus network that functions all day and night.

Though it takes more time, sight-seeing on the way to somewhere would be worth the time because getting around London is definitely an experience.

People here come from all parts of the world, so keep in mind that everyone has been or is in the same situation as you are. Since the Roman times, London has been a multi-cultural city. Nido has students from all over the globe, so meeting new people and making friends should be easy if you open yourself to it.

Having said all that, it is best to think twice when choosing the location to stay. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the best possible student experience that you have heard so much about!

Some types of London student accommodation can be located too far from the action and living close to your place of study will definitely help you make the most of your stay, as well as make it easier to get around.

What’s good is that there is an extensive range of student accommodation in London to choose from. In some student housing, housewares and utility bills may not be included with the rate.

Most student accommodations in London offers similar things, but the two major details to think about when looking at housing options is how well your choice will help your studies and your social life.

A comfortable space, refreshing view, clean surroundings, and the overall residence life are well worth the investment. This is the newest and most modern way of experiencing student life and can only be found at Nido Student Living.

Nido’s Student Accommodation in London

Nido provides a unique ‘home-away-from-home’ experience. With convenient locations in Spitalfields, Notting Hill and King’s Cross, residents will be living right in the heart of London. Nido provides high quality Single Studios and a range of Shared Apartments – all with bathroom and kitchen facilities.

While you’re staying at Nido, you have access to a 24-hour gym, laundry facilities, dry cleaning, room cleaning services and a dedicated around-the-clock security team! You also have the choice to join in on many social activities hosted by the Residential Life Team.

Nido is a great community of like-minded people who all want to make the most out of their uni experience!

So why not see what all the buzz is about for yourself? Mark a spot for us on your calendar and book a tour now!

With Nido, residents definitely get what they pay for. Nido is a way of living!